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Diaper Clutch Hardware Kit

Diaper Clutch Hardware Kit

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This kit includes the hardware requirements for the Diaper Clutch pattern by Storyhill Designs. In addition to the hardware, you will need 3/4 yard exterior fabric, 1 yard lining fabric and 3/8 yard coordinating fabric.

Kit Includes

- Soft & Stable, 27" x 58" 
- Iron on Vinyl, 17" x 36"
- 1 1/2" Strapping, 1 yard*
- 14" Nylon Zipper and 1 pull
- 18" x 54" Mesh
- 30" Fold Over Elastic

You can choose to add on:

- Rectangle Turn Lock OR Velcro**
- 1 1/2" Swivel hook***
- 1 1/2" Triangle Ring***

* This kit includes white nylon strapping. If you desire to cover it in fabric, you will need 1/8 yard additional of coordinating fabric. Instructions are included in the pattern on how to cover your strapping.
** Choose which closure you prefer, sew-in velcro or rectangle turn lock hardware. Instructions in the pattern are included for both.
*** Swivel hook and triangle ring are only required if you intend on making the optional wrist strap.

Variants Explained

Color: This will be the color of your mesh, zipper and elastic.

Material: This is the metal of your swivel hook and triangle ring or you can choose none if you aren't planning on making the wrist strap.

Style: This is the type of closure you plan on using. If you want to use the rectangle turn lock you can select what material you want it to be out of, or you can choose velcro.


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