Longarm Quilting

Send us your quilt top to have it quilted with care!

We offer longarm quilting services for both mail-in quilts and local drop-off in Northern Kentucky. Fill out the form below to send us your quilt. Keep scrolling to find our pantograph, thread and batting options as well as pricing. When you fill out the form below I will email you the shipping/drop-off address.

Now Offering Local Hand Delivery Service!

For Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati residents, we now offer a doorstep pickup & drop-off service for your quilts! No need to leave the comfort of your home with our hand pickup and delivery. Pricing includes both pickup and drop-off.

Origin is from Fort Thomas.
FREE- Fort Thomas KY
$10- 0-5 Miles
$20- 6-10 Miles
$25- 11-15 Miles
(Greater distance than 15 miles is $5 for each additional mile.)

Delivery time will be based on our schedule. If no one will be home when we come you will need to have a safe spot to leave your quilt for me. (Porch, mailbox, etc.)

We continue to offer a free Fort Thomas dropbox or you can mail-in quilts.

Current Turnaround Time:

2-4 weeks from the date we receive your quilt

How it Works

1. Check out my information below on thread colors, pantograph options, batting choices and more. Don't forget to read the section on preparing your backing!

2. Fill out the contact form above with all your basic quilt information. When we receive your form we will respond within 2 business days with shipping or drop-off information.

3. Once we receive your quilt we will send you an invoice to pay at your earliest convenience. Once invoice is paid and quilt is completed we’ll send it back or arrange a pickup!

Panto + Thread Options

Browse our thread colors and pantograph options at the button below. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to email us a link or photo and we will see if it's something we can do.

Thread and Pantographs


Edge to Edge Quilting - $.025/square inch

Half Binding- $.25/linear inch

(Your binding will be prepped and machine stitched onto one side of your quilt. You will complete it on the other side.)

Completed Binding by Hand- $.50/linear inch

(Fully completed binding. Stitches not visible.)

Other Charges

Thread Fee- All quilts require a charge for thread $5

Shipping- You pay to ship your quilt to us, and we charge $10 return shipping, per quilt.

Hand Delivery Service- See the top of this page to see the fee for your delivery area. Ranges from $0.00-$25+

Backing Seaming- If your backing needs to be seamed + $10

Unbasting- If you send us your quilt basted we will need to unbaste it + $20

Non-Traditional Edges- if your quilt has hexagon or other shaped edges that are not straight, it takes extra time to baste and quilt +$10

Mending- If your quilt has holes in the seams we will need to mend them + $50

Batting Options

You can provide your own batting or purchase it from us.

High Loft Polyester- $7.99/yard

80/20 Blend- $10.99/yard

Bleached Cotton- $13.99/yard

For inquiries about specialty battings, please email us.


Preparing your Backing

If you've never sent us a quilt, please read this section fully:

  • It must be 8" longer and wider than your quilt top. Additional charges may apply if you send me a backing that is too small.
  • If you are seaming it yourself, I prefer if you cut off your selvage and use 1/2" seam allowance and press it open. If you are not seaming it yourself we charge $10 seaming fee. If your backing doesn't need to be seamed, that's great!
  • I will not accept backing that needs to be centered with the top as I can not guarantee the outcome.
  • If your backing is directional, please mark which side you want to be the top.

The largest backing size we can accept is 120" square.